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our products were all designed by firefighters
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Not Sold in Stores

Our products are NOT available in stores, and they are NOT available for resale UNLESS the resale is for a non-profit agency.

Quantity discounts available to fire and ems agencies, pet rescue shelters, vet or medical offices, and other nonprofits. Use as a fundraiser by giving these away in return for a donation. Many agencies have used this approach with our products and did very well. Email us for more info:
Large Orders

we offer quantity discounts or "wholesale" pricing to fire rescue organizations, doctor or veterinarian offices, clinics, senior living facilities, or shelters that wish to resell or distribute our products.

it is our intent to get these decals in the hands of as many people as possible, therefore we are willing to offer our products at reduced pricing with minimum quantity orders of 50 total decals, or 50 total emergency cards. You can mix and match the decals with different items to achieve this minimum.

animal shelters and animal rescue organizations can use these products as a fundraiser by giving these products away in exchange for a donation. Fire and EMS departments can do the same thing.

we encourage fire rescue organizations to consider a grant request for these items and then distribute them to the people in their protection district. It might also be possible for fire rescue to ask local business or insurance agents to purchase some of these items for them to distribute free to people they serve.

doctor or veterinarian offices could also purchase these items, and either sell them at a reduced costs, or give them away to their patients as a good faith effort to help save lives of people or pets.

the material used to manufacture our products is very expensive, because it is high quality and fully reflective. That explains why our products cost what they do.

email us at for large order pricing.
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